They say love is blind.
I was naive to believing that.
I was confident that the glasses I gave my Love,
would be accurate.
I guess my Love took the glasses off though.
So when the next guy came along.
I was sure to be prepared.
I put contacts on my Love this time.
They seemed to work
better than the last.
I guess my Love didn’t like the feeling of them,
and took those off as well.
My poor little heart suffered
because of its mistake.
It was time to make a drastic change
to be sure that my heart wouldn’t get hurt.
I went in for laser surgery.
Everything seemed to be going swell.
My Love wasn’t blind
to any of the slick things guys tried to pull.
But soon my heart was getting lonely.
My Love knew it so.
My Love decided to loosen up
and give a guy a chance.
And boy what a change it was!
There are some things that your Love needs to be blind to
To accept a person for how they are.


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