Upcoming Adventures

If you guys can’t tell… I like to travel.

I don’t know how to explain the feeling of what it’s like to travel.


It’s the simple act of leaving your own country to explore another.

And all of the differences that come with it! The people, the language, the religions, the culture, the landscape.

We live in a beautiful world if you guys aren’t aware, and I’ve been so blessed to be able to see the countries that I have.

I’m in love with learning of the culture of others. It’s fascinating, to me, the many ways that people live, work, learn, and interact with one and other.


IN THE SUMMER OF 2014, I spent 4 weeks in Ecuador. This was my first time being gone from my parents for that length of time, and my first time traveling without family in any way, shape, or fashion. Additionally, I went with a group of strangers.


Also known as fellow study abroad students.


It fueled my desire to travel all that much more.
It confirmed that my major in International Business was the right one for me.
It granted me the opportunity to be in a country that spoke a language that I was only just learning.
It blessed me with friends for life.

One of those said ‘friends for life’ is coming into town tomorrow. She (Stef) and her best friend are from Switzerland, and I met Stef during my time in Ecuador.

We immediately hit it off and became best friends. We’re both foodies, love people, and enjoy traveling.

However–she travels much more extensively than me!!

On my trip, I tried guinea pig (yes–probably your pet at some point), we went to “discotecas” and partied. We drank and ate and explored museums and shopped.

We went horseback riding and learned how to make local dishes.
We went up to the mountains and met with indigenous people.
We went hiking in the mountains.
We had our Spanish class lessons out in the city at the local cafes.
We went to the spa and went to the bar to watch the ‘futbol’ matches.
We attended ‘pop-up’ dance parties in the local park.
We worked out around the city.
We did so much.

So my inspiration in saying all of this:

My friends, Stef and Mel, are visiting me this weekend. They’ve visited me when I lived in Atlanta–but that was two years ago and they’ve never been to the DMV area.

So this weekend will be a busy one. I’m still new to the area myself so I’ll be surprised just as much as they will!

The next couple of blogs will be inspired by the places that we go, the food that we try, the encounters that we run into, and the stories that they share.

Feel free to send in suggestions of places to visit here in the DMV–or nearby!



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