“Take your daughter to work” Day–every day??

I’m sure some people have had the experience to work at companies with their parents.

I’m sure some people help their families with a family owned business.

However, this is my first professional, real-adult, full-time job.

And I’m at the same company as my dad.

I actually try to keep that fact quiet. Not because I’m embarrassed as working at the same place as him, but more so because people’s reactions are so funny when they realize that we’re related. 

Months can go by and that person will know me and they’ll know my dad.

Then someone mentions our names together, and it clicks. 

Below I’ll list the pros and cons of working at the same company as him. I’m sure this could be a growing list!


  • He treats me to lunch
  • I can have exposure and networking opportunities with his contacts
  • We both know most of the same people and so he can relate to what I’m talking about
  • If I feel like I’m bugging my counterparts too much, I can ask him about the processes of the company
  • He’s been with the company longer and can explain company policies/culture/best practices
  • If I ever (accidentally) sleep in, he can wake me up
  • If I ever have car troubles, I can just ride into work with him
  • Sometimes we get to go on the same work trips
  • If we’re invited to the same meeting/events–there’s always a familiar face!
  • He’s got a great name in the company–which seems to be extended to me as well 
  • He’s invested in helping me to develop within the company


  • He’s corny–like really corny
  • He loves to embarrass me by announcing that we’re family at every opportunity
  • He’s really invested in helping me to develop within the company 

Okay, so luckily there’s not as many cons as I may have first imagined.

Overall, it’s pretty neat to work with my dad at the same company. We have a pretty solid relationship and this has helped strengthen it in more ways than one!



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