Meet & Marry Me in 6 Months

Is there a such thing as an acceptable amount of time to wait on love?

And if so–who decides what’s ‘acceptable’?

I grew up in a household where my parents met and married within 6 months.

Yeah, you read that right, 6 months.

Story time!

My dad was in the Air Force and got stationed in England.My mom was in the Royal Air Force and so naturally, she lived in England.

They met through my dad’s brother–who also happened to be stationed in England.

A few months go by, they’re hanging out and talking all of the time, and then they start talking about the future. (Like kids, etc)
And my mom goes, “Hold on a minute– you haven’t even asked me to marry you yet!”
And my dad, who’s ever so romantic, goes,”Oh! Well… will you marry me?”

And I guess she agreed because they’re going on 25 years strong now!

So in a nutshell, that’s the story of how my parents got married.

Two years later they had me, when they were living in Germany. And 18 months later they had my brother–also in Germany.

I was dumbfounded when I first heard their ‘love’ story. As it’s not the ‘typical’ love story that we’re brought up on. Even the idea of marrying someone within the first 6 months that you meet them is a crazy idea.

I feel as though society, today, fuels the fire behind the idea of love.
Social media and the entertainment business muddle the lines of lust and love.
And so we’re left in this confusing state of,
“I like you a lot and so I’m just going to call it love.”

What type of world are we living in where we throw the word ‘love’ around so carelessly?
It’s such a powerful word.
An influencing word, a life changing word, an inspiring word, a word full of hope.

And today it’s used to feed our lustful desires.
And today it’s used as a synonym to ‘sorry’.
And today it’s used to display how much we really like some material item.
And today it’s used when we know no other way to show our emotions.

How do you use the word?




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